It is not easy to come here directly to the point, and to write about me, why I do this work... But this work was a natural development with all its smiling and sorrowful experience of my life. And from the experience with people who demanded a lot of change from me, developed finally the search, the interior search, the thought-reflecting (Nachdenken) that thinking ahead (Vordenken) thinking along(Mitdenken) the realization of the connections that many people simply do not want change, because they simply "hold on to the position” . Hold on to power connections. And old tradition. No matter whether they are purely economic or religious or dietary traditions. They do not want change. „Because they are deadlocked believers”. All are believers. No matter what you're doing it is a belief. And faith must be changed. No matter what faith it is. Faith must change to knowledge. Then, from the believed knowledge, can develop understanding, and from understanding, develops insight, and from insight it is possible to come to change. But people are not all on the same level of interior, inner, insight, development. And so I was, decades ago, by living conditions, prompted to activate the search process, and initiate the associated changes. This includes everything but all and everything, to question what in the humane society belonged to truth, good, tasty, fragrant, useful, life-promoting, and much, much, more that is shown or lived.

The belief in money is the gigantic self-idiotic (Selbstverblödung), in which humans should have faith. Every belief is controlled. The belief in the criminal history of religions. Every belief is controlled. The belief in only politically correct science, the purely materialistic, "Believe" also. Every belief is controlled. The belief in only your physical form, that you're just this body. Every belief is controlled. And many other philosophical, economic, political, religious beliefs, with the goal to keep people in the "faith" of somebody else, someone other than yourself. But that has become "unscientific“. These are the experiences of my life in the long run. Marathon Life. And now 2011 and even further over the day after tomorrow, is the ErdBühne (EarthStage) unwilling to change faith and fight with the results that we now have global. Where change due to the adherence to religious beliefs and traditions which were once important to the human mind, come to an explosion, to make emotionally wrong decisions, and so ignorance results are materialized. But where ignorance ceases, ceases also the evil. And it is now well recognized that decisions of the political, economic, religious, were taken with immense self-confidence and Dominazgehabe (domination), but they were quite simply false, therefore, were ignorant. So the Umwissenheit (ignorance) presents itself as the Public Knowledge. And today more and more "necessary decisions" are taken, just to keep everything reasonably in balance, to remain normal. But the normal is the unnatural. The wrong. But the truth, the truth, IN YOU, cannot keep you forever in Verblödung (stupification) by faith in the Normal that you should be. In particular, by faith in something else, but never in yourself. And there is the control in the political motives, and economic, religious, development shortcoming.

Today is 15/06/2011 and people say good bye to nuclear power plants in Germany, Italy, and a few others countries. But it is a decision from the unenlightened politicians, the ignorant, who act mostly under the pressure of necessity. And there are on the earth too many unenlightened, Unwache, but a lot of Normal, Normal people, Adapted to the conventional economic policy and the religious dogma of Unwachen (unenlightened), the only change under pressure and then hold still reluctant. We have too many unenlightened people in senior positions, Unwache. Positions they've got through unenlightened supporters. Now you have through deselection, reselecting battles and demonstrations, to try to remove the ignorant, unenlightened (Unwachen) from those positions. But there must also be a removal voted (Abwahl) from the conventional agriculture the farmers and their unenlightened money Geil industry. It should also be a cash withdrawal happened. Life without cash geld, money. And a NoMoney start. A pharmaceutical mafia get out, disembarkation, exit, (Ausstieg). And a plant (Vegetarisch) Einstieg. And it must also be an exit, disembarkation, get out, from the killing. And an introduction to the vegetarian life. An exit from the killing. Then life, further, beyond the Normalo normality condition, is possible only with leave, exit, finish, of killing other living beings. Because the killing of cattle, pigs, calves, whale, fish, sheep, foxes, horses, dogs, crabs, snakes, crocodiles, lions, geese, ducks, binds the unenlightened people who are arrested, stopped, bind, in their development of life, inevitably to the realm of the predators with all its thoughts, emotions, fantasies and habits. And the animal kingdom is the kingdom of the strong over the weak. Since there is no justice and wider love. And even justice is not truth. Justice still belongs to the animal realms of humanity which kills other animals for flesh eating. And that's exactly what shows are playing now on earth among men. This realm of the animal. With try’s going on, to be free of this killing, meat, disaster. But there is on earth, clearly, the realm of the human predator. And that is power. It must thus also happen that humans make an exit from power. Power is exclusively the realm of the predator. And everyone who still talks and thinks of power positions and maintaining power and power vacuum, remained a predator. Rob by force and freedoms of other creatures to rule over them. So unconsciously unawakened unenlightened. The Dane Martinus has the very good, the very best, worldwide description about humane development, in his "The Third Testament" book series. (Third Testament or Livets Bog)

Money - Geil, yes Money-Geil (Money-Horny), and therefor total, yes totally a prisoner, have the believers on money, become today. And they should remain so for eternity. This is the goal of the sect commissioner of the money and the money controllers. This cannot be made because of lack of money! This cannot be built because of lack of money! This cannot be achieved due to lack of money! This is total stupidity. And ye shall remain faithful. Totalverblödet (total stupidity). It is not faith which makes you free but the truth. And who is the truth and love. Well, you selber, yourself. Who else?

And so I have done over the decades a lot of meditations. For Buddha, it was the fear of old age, which put him on the road inside. The search process. With Jesus, the fulfillment and continuation of the law and the prophecies. With Hazur Maharaj Savan Singh, it was to be born again, the fear that led him to the interior search process. With Ching Hai, it was the lack of communication skills that brought her to the interior search process. For me it was the divorce that brought me to the search path inside. Because the inner world of the Normalo was broken. The belief system was shattered. And that was wonderful, now seen in retrospect. Lao Tzu or Chuang Tzu and Socrates have some times said, "After ten years you will realize that a misfortune turns out to be ones lucky fortune".






"Forever and ever, you can look elsewhere for truth, love, intelligence and benevolence, imploring God and the people - all in vain. You have to start with yourself, with yourself, this is the inevitable law. You cannot change the mirror image without changing your face. First, realize that the world is only a reflection of yourself, and listen to you, to look for errors in the reflection. You deal with yourself; you get yourself in order - mentally and emotionally. The physical will follow automatically. You talk so much about reform, economically, socially, politically. Let off of the reforms, and you take care of the reformer.
What kind of world can create someone who is stupid, greedy and heartless? It is neither necessary nor possible to change others. But if you change yourself, you will find that no other changes are necessary. To change the movie, you simply change out the roll of film; you do not attack the canvas. You need to stop looking on the outside, for that which can only be found inside. Clarify your vision, before you begin to act . Purify your mind, clean your heart, your holy life - this is the quickest way to change your world".         

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